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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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two eb lanes are shut down because of a crash involving a gas tanker and several cars. reports two right lanes have been closed and traffic is backed up as you can imagine. their advice is avoid the area if you can. we'll continue to keep you updated here on abc 7 news. >> now, to our super bowl coverage. ravens are in new orleans, coach harbaugh and the team touched down at louie armstrong international airport this morning. most players were dressed for business. he's one of four raven was super bowl experience. abc 7 news is usually here with me but this week, he's joining us live from the super dome. larry sni understand you had an interesting lunch this afternoon. >> yes. with the harbagh family. when you come to new orleans
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have you to visit french quarter. and sit spectacular. an institution. we thought we've got to go in for a visit and that is what the harbaughs were thinking, as well. ♪ [ music ] . >> the coach and family serenaded by a local musician. the kids were enjoying food in particular the beignets. beignets, a local treat. they're fried dough showered with sugar, they are delicious, as you'll see only on 7 i talked with sarah about the
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stress of super bowl week. >> it's very stressful. you know? my heart is pounding right now like on sunday. i think it's going to get worse but it's a good stress. you know? very to keep reminding that. that is the highest place you can be as far as football goes so you're going to enjoy it how were beignets? >> i've been trying to get here 35 years. and they are worth it. it was worth the trip. and this is good. katie liked them too. jim wants a hot dog. >> what is wrong with your husband? he wants a hot dog in new orleans? there is jambalaya and wonderful seafood. >> he's van nilla. he's easy. it's a good thing. >> we have fun with the family today. you just saw the video. check out the picture i
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tweeted. we're keeping you up to date with happenings. you can follow me on twitter at larry beil abc 7. i've got to tell you on the morning show, is intent on taking twitter down. of the things you can do in new orleans and eat, jim harbaugh wants a hot dog, okay sni caught wupt coach hours later. he never got the hot dog. he had to settle for lasagne. we saw the lighter side of jim harbaugh mixing with family and friends. a nice treat. he took the kids back to look at the kitchen to see how beignets were made. let's say you don't want a hot dog. like most everybody else here. food options are endless in the city of new orleans.
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with more on that we go to wayne freedman. how are you doing, wayne? >> we're on canal and bourbon street. we're on the corner of bourbon and canal street. but you know, i'm going to do the obligatory media story this, is a two-week football game. you get two weeks work to teams, the microscope comes out, everything gets magnified. now, week two. they've turned it up more. you bring 5300 reporters into this town, someone is going to try to find a story. >> maybe you assume we vit easy. but did you know we're checking freak qens yeez? >> -- frequencies?
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>> here is some of the stuff you don't see. an electrician version of hearding -- herding cats with 5,000 microphones in town. it could mean interference, clear channels gobbled, then, doom. >> i will find you. we have quite a few gdcs at every location. they will find you. >> then, pulling our credentials. if you're a reporter, try doing your job without access. it's competitive enough. just ask ray ratto, so many super bowls he's lost count. you does know the drill. >> in the week it's media covering media. the week goes on its what the story that hasn't been told yet? there isn't going to be one unless someone is getting arested. so... we live in the moment. >> you're looking at bourbon
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street right now. they call the zoned for radio coverage. our microphone here has a cord. and we're perfectly legal. a little bit of last night, surprising the heck out of us for sunday night, let me tell you. >> all right, wayne. what is the frequency, kenneth? that says it all. here in new orleans, on the football scene, raven arrived this afternoon, 49ers convict aid super bowl workout, working out at new orleans saint. and as well as reaction to comments made by president obama. in which he said if he had a son, woe have to think twice about whether or not he would allow his son to play football. we'll hear coach harbaugh
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reacting on that as well as some others. for now, dan, carolyn? >> fwlait job to. wayne, everybody one there, we appreciate it. >> abc 7 collin rash is drilling him and the rest taking the podium there for the first super bowl news conference this week. collin will let us know what they said coming up at 6:00. >> yes. we're retweeting updates from larry, wayne and the team. a former 49er has just arrived in new orleans. katie marzulo putting together for abc 7 morning news. our live coverage will continue right up until kickoff and afterwards. >> chp working to track down the cause involved in this. a dangerous display of driving
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on a busy freeway. >> drivers stopped and took this video of cars doing doughnuts on interstate 880. this video and others like it were posted online. >> it's an illegal display of what is known as a side show, sho so loud koit be heard for miles around. >> i've never seen this. this is just unreasonable. it's -- these are real incidents. it takes seconds, seconds for a fatal collision to happen at any time. >> that is outrageous. can you imagine this stupid behavior? chp investigator says they have license plate numbers and are working to identify the drivers, they will be charged. >> assistant district attorneys have begun visiting schools as a way to fight crime. they're there to act as mentors. students show students who
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regularly meet with meantors do better in school. >> these kids have had a mentor six months improved their attendance and gp the a. we know it works. >> about a thousand san francisco school students expressed interest in having a mentor, anyone interested can attend a drive this thursday evening at marcus bookstore on street. >> back to work. >> spencer christian has been here. >> it's been quite a nice day. we have thin, high clouds above mainly a sunny day. cool, and here is a look at current readings. mainly upper 450s around bait right now. 54 in san francisco. 57 down in redwood city. and milder days ahead. clear and cool this evening. temperatures ranging from mid 40s to low 50s. there is a bit of a chill to
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start the day. then, we get to highs into afternoon. sunny skies, a few thin clouds tomorrow, mild conditions, highs up to 60 degrees. and best is yet to you come. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> spencer, thank you very much. >> still ahead at 4:00 monkey business. a space milestone iran says it's reached. >> out of control. a going terribly wrong at the x game autos michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live just a little bit later. >> and let's give you a look at traffic on this monday. the headlights coming towards you trying to get on to the bay bridge. pretty slow going. there is a situation that is reamy slowing things down.
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spencer says the count story taking a step towards sending man in space. he says they launch aid monkey into orbit. showing the monkey strapped into a missile launched into space. the launch could be a cause for concern for the u.s. indicating progress by iran to
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launch long range missiles. the state department spokesperson says the us cuss not confirm that flight was a success. >> marisa myer leading yahoo to better than expected earnings and face book making a big change to the e commerce division. >> hi, emily. >> a big day for yahoo. earnings that beat estimates. the company says revenue is up and doesn't sound like much. shares of yahoo surged 30% since myer became ceo in july. now, investors are urging her to outline a road for the company to compete with facebook and google. >> barns and noble closing the book on up to a third of the stores. wall street jurnt reports the chain plans to shutter
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locations over next decade. the book seller continues to struggle as the publishing world goes digital and the nook e reader tries to compete against kindel and ipad. facebook e commerce platform pave smt closing doors. kpt announced it's shifting sellers to the rival platform by february 28th. the pentagon is betting next war will be fought an a digital frontier. kept of defense reportedly adding 4,000 people to the cyber command force and also dividing cyber security force into three groups, one branch protecting infrom a struk tour and a growth securing pentagon system autos it's a mixed close for stocks on a drop in pending home sales.
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shares of apple leading gains. and remember when groupon played ads during super bowl? well, now, black berry maker research in motion is taking a painl out of the playbook and will advertise during the biggest night in football. the model will be the subject of that super bowl commercial and hopefully ads will come off better than groupon as well. groupon candidates sort of came outs a flop n bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, carolyn, dan, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> let's check on the forecast. >> nice way to start, too. >> sunny skies, deep blue. thin clouds and grit visibility. >> there is a live look, looking west, you can see the
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rich blue color of the sky there. some reelections of sunset off bay waters, taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. there are thin high clouds around, these are the features clear, chilly overnight. a nice mild pattern settling in and feeling almost spring like. it will be chilly in inland valleys. 36 in concord, upper 30s to 40s around the bay. low 40s will be the lows on the coast. salt sath light shows a large ridge of high pressure still the dominant feature here and will remain so for a while. jet stream bringing thin, high clouds, still clear skies will be with us. the ridge holds on to give us a nice, dry pattern throughout
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the weekend. will get milder into mid week. tomorrow, just milder than today. another pleasant day, sunny skies into the south bay. high temperatures there into upper 50s. pin anyone slarks mid to upper 50s, 58 in palo alto. mid-50s on the coast z half moon bay. a pleasant day in downtown san francisco tomorrow with highs of 56 degrees. 54 in the sunset district. 61 in santa rosa and cal stoga. checking out east bay highs 57 in berkeley. inland east bay moving towards 60 degrees a high of 60 at fairfield. upper 50s in other locations. monterey bay, upper 50s around the bay.
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and santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. look at those mid week temperatures, mid-60s by wednesday that, pattern of mid 60 degree highs hold throughout the weekend. on the coast, almost beach like weather. a taste of spring. january ends and february begins. and we're looking forward to groundhog day. >> love it. >> there you go. >> right. >> coming up next, lost and found this, dog stolen more than a year ago and will be soon reunited with owners. soon reunited with owners. >> a helps lower cholesterols hs
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following breaking news, sky 7 is live, you can seat car just noi being removed from a tree the driver has been taken to the hospital. this is on pinole valley road. so keep an eye on the situation. a military family will be reunited with a dog stolen from the home a year and a half ago. pooka was found roaming the
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streets in new mexico two weeks ago. she was turned over to a shelter and taken in by mel any lopez, turned out she had a microchip and a scan determined she belonged to a family from kentucky. the family will fly in on wednesday to bring her home. >> i can't imagine how excited to get to see her. you want wednesday to come here soon. just show there's is hope. even a year later. you never know. >> it's likely no one will know how the dog got from new mexico. at this point, the family just happy to get the dog back. and in case you're wondering having a mikeo chip implanted costs only 45s oodz chris brown could find himself in trouble with the law again. >> rachel smith explains in today's entertainment report
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from on the red carpet. >> chris brown dmob not water following a fist fight with singer frank ocean. officers called to a scuffle sunday, witnesses say brown and ocean were tuesdayelling over a parking spot. brown is yet to comment but ocean tweeted, got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol, i only wish everest was there, referring to his dog. and he told police he was returning from screen actors guild awards. he tackled him and waited and no one was hurt. >> no drama but plenty of smiles at the sag awards. daniel day lewis for for best performance in a lead role. >> there is no way i thought
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we'd win. i looked at other films, silver lining play book or lincoln or les mis. you can make 30 movies out of the cast in that one. >> and check out for all of the winners and you can make your picks, too. >> and you can see who wins on sunday, february 24th live right here only on abc 7. >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00 boy scouts on the verge of a major change. allowing gay scouts in the ranks you're going to hear from a petaluma man who fought to change that rule. >> and a break through on immigration reform. a bipartisan deal is in the works and what this could mean for millions of undocumented immigrants. >> another twist in the 1996 jonbenet ramsey murder case.
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the boy scouts of america is close to listing it's long time ban on gay scouts and leader autos reports say the board will discuss to -- meet
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end that policy. >> information we have is limited. what we're hearing is that the national board is expected to make this huge announcement lifting the ban. for years, steven from petaluma fought to include gays in the boy scouts. at only 12 and a scout, koza led a campaign to try to end this kind of discrimination. >> i couldn't help but take a stand. so i start aid petition. >> he traveled and spread the word and gathered supporters. he is now 27 years old, always been straight and never stopped pushing for equality within the boy scouts organization. he's thrilled that the ban on gaze will likely be lifted
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next week. >> i hope people learn a message from this and move on. it's about time discrimination ends. >> a lawsuit went to the supreme court which upheld the organization right to ban gay skuts and scout leaders. now, it's a surprising reverse yam given the boy scouts affirmed the ban. the statement issued today charters would accept membership and leaders consistent with the organization mission or religious believes. mean, it would be left up to individual troops to create guidelines. boy scouts are said to be doing this for financial reasons. several organizations are no longer funding scouts as one person put it if they want to
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survive they must change some of the policy. >> chances of sweeping immigration reform in congress got a boost when they informed they have hammered out a deal this, issue hits home among many hispanic residents. >> there are still many details could be worked out including deportation of immigrants with criminal back grounds. but the bipartisan deal is lifting spirits of families around the bay. it was stunning for san jose's hispanic community to learn republicans were on the same page to work on immigration reform. >> we've been too content too long to allow individuals to mow our lawn serving our food and watch our children while
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not affording them benefits that make our country great. >> that is music to the ears of a community in which many families live in shadows. parents and older children may be undocumented and younger children, american born. this woman has undocumented relatives she doesn't want to go into detail but news from washington excites her. >> they will be a lot of people to get a driver's license, a work perm yismt being visible. and more opportunities. >> this immigration attorney believes the election play aid key role in which hispanic voters supported president obama. >> if they want to continue being part of the political process and want to win the white house back they have to make changes in terms of their
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agenda. >> and president obama will be in las vegas tomorrow and despite reaction to the bipartisan deal in the senate, immigration reform is expected to face a tougher battle in the house in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> we have breaking news in orange county. a doctor has been shot and killed in newport beach this, happened inside of a medical facility. it appears the doctor was targeted. police say they have the gunman under arrest. police in santa maria have detained two band members and owners of the nightclub with a fire broke out over the weekend, killing 231 people yesterday. investigators sate fire was started by pyrotech necks -- nicks on stage at the kiss nightclub. most victims were students from a nearby university. funerals began today.
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>> a report is raising questions into the 1996 jonbenet ramsey murder case. a grand jury believes there was enough evidence to indict the pairnlts for child abuse resulting in death. dan a brams is he says he believes hunter did the right thing. >> this could wo have put so much machine on alex hunter in late 90s to move forward in this case. i have seen the case filed in the jonbenet ramsey case. i have to think hunter made the right call then and looking back, it's clearer. >> the jonbenet ramsey case sun solved and remains open. her mother, patsy died in 2006. her father, john ramsey remarried. his attorney says prosecutor hunter is a hero who wisely
4:35 pm
avoided a miscarriage of justice. >> important news in the fight against breast cancer, which treatment shows a better survival rate? >> a sne mobile stunt taking a dangerous turn. >> i'm michael finney. still taking questions on twitter and facebook. now, you can contact me on and then, over on twitter at m finney. here liver, late year it's a lovely afternoon as you can see from this view view from the beach. how warm will it get sft answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> here is a look at the san mateo bridge. the commute gets underway. the commute gets underway. you can see, moving nicely) 3 dg
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience.
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(jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful a lot of breaking news to report today this, is a live picture of a home on fire in hayward. >> this is burning and you can see crews right new are breaking through the roof to battle flames here, they're opening up to get in to fight it. >> another mishap in the snowmobile competition at the winter x games going on in aspen. >> a australian lost control
4:39 pm
last night. he flew off the snowmobile, you can see here and landed is in the snow. his snowmobile took off into the crowd. one spectator did need medical attention. >> snowmobiler kayla moore remains in intensive care after this crash on thursday. moore being treat forward a brain injury. when you see, you'll understand and he also developed bleeding around the heart. >> this is like, hey. mom, i made it that is a reaction from miami heat star lebron james, president obama well yums nba champions to the white house. >> the team gave the president a jersey. and according to the president it's lebron james world and we're all just living in it. how funny is that?
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>> type for another check on the forecast. >> yes. spencer christian is here with that. >> here is a time lapse view looking over the sky over the bay, along the bay bridge. blue skies and thin, bloken high clouds overnight is about it. that is what we have right now. you can see clear, calm conditions, nationwide, torjs it is is a very varied weather picture. chicago, st. louis, highs into 60s and a chance of showers, colder qerj in fargo and minneapolis to light snow to showers, state wide in california sunny, dry conditions and mild in spots. 44 in yosemite. here is a look at the weather, mainly sunny skies, a degree
4:41 pm
or two milder, highs into upper 50s to around 60s and we'll see weather getting milder later in the week. thank you. >> six flags is making a bet with its sister bark in baltimore. >> mayor is new to every city. it's a friendly wager. >> napa valley wine, sour dough bred and chocolate from san francisco. >> and that is not all. the president from losing team will are to wear the rival team's jersey and cap for a day. >> jim harbaugh joined exec tifz in june on a preview ride of the roller coaster superman ultimate flight. there you can see jim smiling. >> and screaming. >> right. >> coming up next, the movie about a controversial bay area
4:42 pm
police shooting sweeps sundance. >> and barbara walters is in the hospital with chicken pox. a message she got from the victim of "the view". >> i'm michael finney what. can happen to you if you saved don't pay a muni cita
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independent movie about the 2008 new year's day killing of oscar grant is winning reviews. fruit veil picked up top honors and took home a coveted grand jury prize and audience award. the winestein company acquired rights to distribute the film and it could hit theaters in the fall. >> this is the first time i was seen it reenacted and it was horrific for meechl i had to leave.
4:46 pm
it was shocking emotionally. it's amovie but i knew how it happened. >> this is about hours that led toupt shooting of grant by a former bart police officer. at the fruit veil bart station in oakland. mehserle was charged, and acquitted of murder. >> barbara walters is in a new york hospital with chicken pox. the 83-year-old sent to the hospital 10 days ago after falling and cutting her head, then started to run a fever. turns out she never had chicken pox as a child. whoopi goldberg made at announcement today about walters health. >> she's being told to rest. she's not allowed any visitors and we're telling you bar brarks snow no scratching, right? those spots will spread worse. we love you, we miss you. we just don't want to hug you. >> walters released a statement say sheg wanted to thank people who called and written, and have been concerned about me.
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>> a report on breast cancer treatment suggests less may be better. duke university says early stage breast cancer cases treated with lumpectomy do bet as well or perhaps better than those who have a mastectomy. researchers analyzed data from women in california diagnosed between 1990 and 2004. all received a lumpectomy followed by radiation or a mastectomy. >> michael finney is here answering questions and drew p asked, if you don't pay a muni citation what can they do about it?. >> nothing. not a thing. not a darn thing. a muni citation is when you're a cheater getting in the back of the bus through the back door, sliding past the old person to get on free that. is what you get a citation
4:48 pm
about. they decriminalized that. they issued them, there is no sanction. there is no teeth. >> yes. >> gorge wants to know i'm ready to flow out christmas cards. it is safe to throw the one was names and addresses in recycle contain year unless they're politicians then please send them to abc 7 news, we're looking for information. no. look. it's unlikely a name and address is going to be use used by bad guy that's is available. but they tend to look for social security card numbers but why not shred them? otherwise, throw them away. i won't worry about it. >> michael a asks a scholarship for school is there a service where someone can help you?. >> yes. here is a problem with this. i want to give you three.
4:49 pm
these are fast web college board they're online dwo. owe dwo to them and fill in information. there with there are no web sites. there are people who offer this help. if they tend to offer online there, is a ton of rippoffs out there. what you want to do is talk to the counselor at the high school, or go to your counselor go, by word of mouth. there are very good people in the bay area. it does not come cheap. >> thank you. >> coming up next, supreme court justice sotomayor visiting the bay area. >> not so fast what. area were
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the may not be except yempt from new credit card usage fees.ús
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supreme court justice packed san francisco first theater this afternoon. the appearance was part of her best selling book tour. abc 7 news has more on just on the remarkable story. >> justice told the audience there is no secret to the success, no magic answers. >> anyone who read it at the end of it to be able to say... she's just like me. and if she can do it, i can do something, too. >> the keys to success? a stubborn streak, zish to better her skpefl a grandmother who loved her
4:54 pm
unconditionally i. >> do talk about i don't think any child has an opportunity to succeed unless they find someone in their life who unconditionally loves them. and makes them feel secure about that love. >> she says her grandmother did that for her. the grandmother introduced her to magic, something she was concerned about revealing. >> i'm gratified that it hasn't been made a big deal in the press. because i think people understood what my purpose was in writing about it. it was to under score that everybody has a crazy uncle out there. >> she stayed on stage to autograph copies of the book and waiting in line this, bay area attorney who has a special connection to the associate justice. >> she is a good friend through host of high school,
4:55 pm
college and princeton. >> she introduced him to his wife. >> i guess they worked out. they have two great kids. >> sotomayor will be at another event tonight. we'll learn under what circumstances she's giving permission to family and friends to hit her with her new book, and y. >> think, mark. >> there are a lot of viewers showing off their 49ers pride. one little baby gets to have her pick you're taken with the coach at a recent meet greet. and we've seen a lot of pets get into the niners spirit. check out lola. all decked out in red and gold.
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thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. a reminder of the alarm clock app is available for your an droid. [ loss of audio ] is
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